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We are an approved Datatool TrakKING installer.

Fitting a tracker may be considered an ‘easy’ process, however, stats show that even bikes that are fitted with a tracking device and stolen have NOT been recovered.                                                                                                                                                     

Because of the quick installation carried out..!
However, Please do not knock all trackers as not being ‘good enough’. They are! But only if they are fitted correctly!

Admittedly service centres can charge less, however, please ask them how long the process will take. If you are advised around an hour, this is not good enough and it will probably be fitted under your seat or next to the battery, which is not a good thing, as it can be quickly and easily found! 

We take at least a couple of hours to meticulously conceal the tracker in your bike.

To show our success, Every single one of the motorbikes and scooters we have fitted trackers in HAVE been recovered.
All our customers praise the DataTool TrakKING and monitoring service.


Our Cost: £329 including Supply and Fitting


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